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All Roads Lead To Winky D, Ishall Braai Fest fiesta

By Lovemore Chazingwa at Odyssey Bar and Restaurant, Kadoma

Zimdancehall exponents Winky D and Enzo Ishall make a braai stop at the ceremonial home of entertainment in the City of Kadoma, Odyssey Bar and Restaurant, Saturday after the coming one, for a joint braai fest.

The two face off in a show organised by elders in the entertainment game, 2 Kings Entertainment, under the stewardship of Nosh. Award winning 2 Kings Entertainment  is familiar for putting together successful gigs for both local and international acts.

Of the two chanters on the family fun day, there is a lot to compare and contrast going by their musical journeys.

Winky D comes to town being one of the pioneers and pillars of the Zimdancehall genre and scaling enviable heights in the industry. On the other hand, Enzo is a new kid on the block but, has taken the arena by storm dividing sentiment among music fans with his dosage of secular lyrics.

No sooner had Ishall landed on the music arena than his songs begin to top charts on radio music programs. Top 50 and 100 annual radio charts last year bear witty witness.

No doubt both artists are talented hands down. As the two share the stage at trendy Odyssey Bar and Restaurant, many will be tempted to inquire on who is king between the two.

There are some facts that may help unravel answers to that query.

Gombwe, a moniker Winky D  assumed of late, has seen it all. He is credited with bringing a professional touch to the genre some critics consider out of sorts. Ninja president is among musicians who dumped the keyboard for full band status, blazing a trail not easy to follow.

His songs have gone on to win accolades, such as ‘Disappear’ which somewhat glossed over end of year stress in the aftermath of a rising cost of living in recent years. ‘Mugadern’, Ndipei Simba sa Bona’, ‘Handiite politics’, and ‘Panorwadza moyo’ also make a beeline to the ear with so much appreciation by the music loving public. His collaboz with Lipsy, Gemma and above all Tuku demonstrate a serious musician with management always on top of the game.

Winky has a knack of outperforming main acts when he is roped in as a supporting package. Fans call for more of his presence on stage as a result of his powerful lyrics and energetic performances.

The dreadlocked chanter has attracted the eye of international promoters, making the diaspora his second home in the music business. He has achieved, not least, his home and studio in plush Zimre Park suburb in the capital. Music has catapulted him to leave Kambuzuma 2 high density suburb and have his own home. The corporate world is not spared either. The male circumcision icon is roped in to spread the message by Population Services International (PSI). He is male circumcision Ambassador for the reproductive health organisation, a role he is performing with aplomb.

“It’s the first family fun day for Winky D this year at this venue. We involved Enzo (Ishall) to up the stakes. This is what we are bringing to Kadoma at the onset if the festive season. Its a time for fun. There will be a lot of other family activities for the whole family. It is a show not to miss,” said show promoter Nosh in response to interview questions solicited over the phone.

Enter Ishall.

The young spike-haired artist landed onto the music scene with a bang off his ‘Kanjiva’ popularity. He is endeared to a wide section of the population for his light hearted lyrics. His type of music also makes good food to the relaxation mind.

Nurtured at Chillspot Records, the Sunningdale bred chanter crossed the floor to Prophet Passion music stable in a deal worth $200 000, when the man of cloth decided to take on board artists and grow their musical careers.

Enzo has a stripe on his shoulder for keeping his cool sometime early this year when he was bashed by his wife without fighting back. Popular tabloid H-Metro  reported that his wife assaulted him but he never set his hand on her. The tabloid Editor-in-Chief, Lawrence Moyo, committed an editorial comment to the Ishall bashing issue in his paper’s edition the following day, highlighting Ishall positives in that instalment.

Gender sensitive minds and organisations applauded that kind of mentality, especially considering that he works in an industry fraught with stories about women abuse by their male counterparts.

Like a man who has a soft spot for ladies, the ginger-haired musician has penned tracks that are intimate with the fairer gender.

Songs that will make Ishall remain perched on the minds of many include, ‘Kanjiva’, ‘Magate’, ‘Chimbondisiya’ ‘Smart inotangira kutsoka’ and ‘Kunyarara – uchiziva chokwadi’.

Enzo Ishall may not have achieved as much as Gaffer has in the music factory, but there’s no doubt the likeable youngster has the potential and is primed for greater heights if he keeps his head cool and tows the professional line. For the family braai fest gig next Saturday, notorious turntables duo of Gary B and Templeman will provide the footnotes.

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