Alexio Kawara to launch Unombozviitirei video on Christmas

Alexio cover
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Musician Alexio Kawara is set to premiere a video for Unombozviitirei this Christmas at around 10am, his publicist has said.

The soulful Alexio released the hit song in October this year and he waited until Christmas to deliver the much-awaited video.

The song which is bouncy and danceable is as good as it comes especially from Alexio.

Yes, he sings over a lingering bass and that unmistakable voice of his in the background.

If you listen to the song and not shake or move your head from side to side then you probably listening to the wrong song.

Uombozviitirei is a great song with great danceable beat so much so it gets you into the mood to hit the dance floor.

However, it is not like his previous songs because this is more of an afro-beat but good thing he didn’t sound Nigerian or West African he remained truly Zimbabwean.

Unombozviitirei is topping the charts on Power FM and Radio Zimbabwe where it’s having more spins.

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