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Air Zimbabwe and Mack Air announce launch of “FLAME LILY HOPPA” service

Air Zimbabwe

Mack Air and Air Zimbabwe signed an Agreement for the launch of the “Flame Lily Hoppa” domestic and regional air service in Harare, Zimbabwe on the 4th of July 2019.

The agreement outlines an integrated and synergistic operational and commercial partnership between the two airlines. This agreement includes the imminent launch of daily domestic scheduled air services between Victoria Falls, Harare and the major tourist destinations including Hwange, Kariba and Chiredzi. Additionally, the agreement includes services to camps and lodges within the environs of these major tourism hubs; on an anticipated per seat basis to service the lodge and camp clientele and drive additional tourism growth in these critical areas.

The Agreement also includes the launch of daily regional scheduled air services between Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa and Mozambique. These flights will initially focus on leveraging the historic tourism links between Zimbabwe and Botswana, obvious geographic positioning and thereby ensuring the inauguration of additional tourism circuit products, by operators and using a platform of integrated flights, services and links provided on the Flame Lily Hoppa.

Flights will be operated using a blend of brand new Cessna Grand Caravan EX operated by Mack Air and Embraer 145 jet aircraft from Air Zimbabwe.

Mack Air and Air Zimbabwe have also committed to supporting and spearheading the upgrade of both Kariba and Hwange Airports, alongside and in co-operation with the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and additional key stakeholders; in order to ensure the complete suitability of facilities for the region becoming a world class safari and recreational destination.

Engagement has been initiated with the International, Regional and Domestic Tourism Industry in order to ensure that all stakeholder interests are efficiently and effectively serviced. Additional announcements will be made in the coming weeks as these discussions further mature and crystallise.

About Air Zimbabwe

Air Zimbabwe is the national carrier of Zimbabwe and has recently received delivery of its’ first Embraer 145 aircraft. This aircraft was acquired in order to support additional tourism arrivals in Zimbabwe and the subsequent launch of the Flame Lily Hoppa Service. Air Zimbabwe has been working tirelessly at restructuring operations in order to provide operating platform required to support the significant investment that has taken place in Zimbabwe during the course of the past twenty-four (24) months.

About Mack Air

Mack Air is an independent, privately owned company that has been operating within the popular Okavango, Kalahari and surrounding tourism areas for the past twenty-five (25) years – almost exclusively servicing the tourist industry. Mack Air operates a fleet of in excess of twenty-four (24) aircraft and have in the past eighteen (18) months acquired seventeen (17) brand new Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft as well as a Citation M2 Jet to support additional operations within the region.

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