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Africans are not objects for medical experimentation: Sekuru Banda

Sekuru Banda

Man-of-the-moment and popular traditional healer Sekuru Banda has added a voice in the medical field by vehemently refusing the use of Africans in experimenting with them on coming up with vaccines.

Spiked Online Media learned this after getting the message on the Internet that American billionaire Bill Gates reportedly had intentions to use Africa to test a Coronavirus vaccine produced in the United States of America.

“It would be wrong for Africans to be used for experiments. Any scientists should test their inventions and get WHO approval before they can send it to the rest of the world.

“Africans should not be used as experiment ground for vaccines invented outside the continent, it is wrong and should not be tolerated,” said Sekuru Banda.

The popular traditional healer said that though the world is grappling to contain the deadly virus, Africans should not be taken advantage of and used for medical experiments.

“Experiments can go otherwise and lead to the death of people if not done properly and that could be the reason why they do not want to test it among their folks,” added Sekuru Banda.

He thanked the government and its partners including the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the work they are doing to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We appreciate steps taken by the government in partnership with WHO to curb the spread of COVID-19, the decision by the government to declare a lockdown is also an important move to address the challenge of this deadly virus, we are confident that this lockdown will successfully curb the spread of COVID-19,” he added.

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