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African Liberation Museum set for Warren Park

Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi, Head of Secretariat of the Museum of African Liberation

By Lorraine Muwuya

The Institute of African Knowledge in collaboration with the government of Zimbabwe is set to establish and develop the African Liberation Museum.

Instak is a Pan African research hub and is the brains behind the Museum of African Liberation.

“The African story has been told by others and it’s now time Africa tells its story. The history of Africa and Zimbabwe is interlinked. We can’t talk of Zimbabwe Liberation without talking of Africa cooperation,” Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi said in an interview with Spiked Online Media.

The African Liberation Museum will be situated in Zimbabwe on 93-hectare state land in Warren Park, Harare. The institution will be close to two other important monuments namely The National Heroes Acre and National Sports Stadium.

The Museum of African Liberation

The land will have five facilities namely the museum, the monument of the African Liberation – a massive structure that will be placed on top of the hill and will become a major tourist attraction that will change the landscape of Warren Park and Harare at large.

The monument will enhance the attractiveness of Harare as a tourist destination. The Ministry of Local government has called for designs and the competition is underway.

On the site will be conference facilities, a zoo, and an Amusement Park.

African countries are coming to build the museum to tell the story of African Liberation together and to pass on the information to the next generation.

The museum will internationalize Warren Park and will empower the community by increasing the value of the environment and create business opportunities with the first preference given to the Warren Park community.

The project is massive and it is the first of a kind to happen in the whole of Africa.

Instak, with some identified contractors, will will work full-throttle for the museum to be opened to the public on the 23rd of January 2023, giving them 25 months to prepare.

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