Acquittals prove political abuse of the courts: MDC Alliance

The MDC Alliance has welcomed the good news of the acquittal of Honourable Settlement Chikwinya and Lloyd Mukapiko on spurious charges of incitement to commit public violence but insisted its members should never have been arrested in the first place.
The party argued that there was simply no evidence against them and “putting them to their defence and let alone arresting them was unwarranted and tantamount to political persecution and muzzling them merely for having different views and speaking for the voiceless as elected representatives of the


“We lament the fact that they remain on remand on stringent conditions such as reporting to the police and restricting their rights on further charges of subversion which we know have no substance. We remain hopeful that the Judiciary will do the right thing and set them free. However, this cannot be taken for granted as we still have our other MDC leaders like Last Maengahama and Tungamirai Madzokere, languishing in prison for a crime that they never committed.”


The MDC Alliance also noted with consternation the arrest of #Tajamuka leader Promise Mkwananzi who has been arrested on the regime’s favourite charges of treason and incitement to commit public violence. It said the arrest was calculated to muzzle and silence outspoken  Zimbabweans who are simply exercising their right to protest against the deteriorating economic crisis brought about by corruption, mis-governance and bad policies.


The MDC Alliance lamented the ominous threats issued against it for giving notice that on the 16th August it must exercise its democratic right in terms of Section 59 of the Constitution it emphasised that this will be a peaceful protest and does not see why anyone should panic about it.


“We are aware of machinations to cause confusion and mayhem but we will not be deterred as Zimbabweans want to get out of our misery but
we are dealing with an uncaring regime which is unwilling to accept failure and enter into dialogue for the nation to be extricated out of this

“Responding by arresting all and sundry as has been the norm which has seen so many people arrested on trumped up charges will not work. Under an MDC led government, all Zimbabwean will freely enjoy all the rights as provided by our national Constitution.”

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende