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3 Ways How CBD Boosts Immunity


Our immune system is a complex network in the body that protects us from viruses such as the common cold and other diseases. Maintaining immune health is quintessential to living a healthy life.

With innovations in cannabis, many wonder if CBD (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, has the power to boost our immune health. However, no studies show a direct correlation between CBD and immune health. There are indeed many positive effects of CBD that make falling asleep at night, managing pain, and stress more controllable.

The Ways to Consume CBD:

Consumers can ingest CBD in many ways. There are creams for those who prefer topical application. For those who choose to integrate CBD into their food and drinks, CBD oil can be useful. Tinctures and CBD capsules Canada are your best option for controlling your dose and for the fast-acting effect that we gravitate to supplements such as melatonin and arnica. 

CBD’s Effect On Immunity

Let’s find out the three best ways to boost immunity with the help of CBD-

CBD & Sleep for Immune Health:

According to a 2017 review on sleep disorders published by the Current Psychiatry Reports, introducing CBD to our lives can improve our sleep. A lousy sleep schedule harms immune health. Therefore, ensuring we get those 7-8 hours every night is crucial for well-being. A bad sleeping schedule can leave you in a drowsy daze that prevents you from concentrating on what is important.

For those who struggle with insomnia and other sleeping disorders, CBD can be a life-changer that can help reclaim their lives and to feel normal again. Especially since getting less than adequate hours of sleep can make you less productive and heightens the processes of early-aging.

CBD is also a healthier option than over the counter sleep medication with a multitude of side effects. Cannabis specialists suggest ingesting CBD about 1-2 hours before you go to bed. Start with a small dosage and then build up as your tolerance increases and enjoy an uninterrupted 8 hours of rest.

CBD & Chronic Pain for Immune Health:

A lot of talk within the cannabis community has been about how CBD can replace the use of opioids for those struggling with chronic pain. Chronic pain is a significant issue for many people, especially as they age. 

A 2016 study from McGill University shows how chronic pain can be so severe that it rewires the brain. As a result, the severity of long term pain weakens the immune system. CBD can bring back a sense of normality to people struggling with chronic pain as the cannabidiol works by attaching to receptors that then lower inflammation.

By making it easier for those with chronic pain to live a more fulfilled life, their chronic pain no longer functions as a crutch to joining daily activities such as grocery shopping and going on walks as a family.

Unlike pills such as ibuprofen, CBD does not affect other bodily functions. Cannabis specialists suggest using a CBD ointment to the area of the body that experiences pain. Apply the cream in the morning, afternoon, and evening to retain the effects of CBD. Alternatively, you can drink shroom tea and boost your immunity faster.

CBD & Stress for Immune Health:

CBD has been studied by those in the mental health community to see how it lowers stress. High-stress levels correlate with lower immune health, as shown in a 2006 study.

CBD can alleviate stress symptoms as claimed by a 2017 study on the Evidence for Anti-panic Actions of Cannabidiol; CBD regulates blood flow in the brain related to anxiety. Therefore, integrating CBD into one’s daily routine can reduce anxiety related to stress.

A high level of stress causes various detrimental effects on the body, such as acne, migraines, loss of appetite, and digestion challenges. By incorporating CBD capsules into one’s life, a person can alleviate headaches and feel a sense of relaxation and peace that may feel foreign. CBD’s relief goes beyond the realm of the body with the serenity of the mind. Introduce CBD into your life to help with stress management.


Overall, researchers are continuously studying CBD to see how it can improve people’s lives and sustain their health. CBD is a complex compound that can improve the quality of life without the hazy effects of smoking THC-cannabis. Make sure you find the Best place to buy cbd wholesale and take a more holistic approach towards wellness.

Immune health can fluctuate based on factors such as diet, sleep, and the environment. Often underlying conditions such as chronic pain and sleep disorders can influence immune health. Ensuring a healthy functioning immune system can protect you from sickness and ensure more happiness and blissful moments.

Talk to your local health specialist to uncover how CBD can enhance everyday activities and improve your quality of life.

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