One of Sekuru Banda's mansions in Glen Lorne

Revealing the unknown side of Sekuru Banda

By Byron Mutingwende


Renowned traditional healer, Kamwelo Banda, popularly known as Sekuru Banda is ordinarily known for his healing powers and miracles but there is the other side about the man that is not known by many.


When people in Zimbabwe talk about businessmen who have made money or are making a killing in terms of “the bag” the focus is usually on personalities like Econet founder, Strive Masiyiwa, Genius Kadungure, Wicknell Chivayo, Mutumwa Mawere and Frank Buyanga, just to mention a few.


The fame of the men mentioned above usually thrives on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Recently, Mawere exposed Kadungure, who is popularly known as Ginimbi by his legion of fans, for duping him when Ginimbi reneged on paying a debt of R340 000 that he had borrowed from him.


Save for Strive Masiyiwa, most of these rich and famous men are notorious for having amassed their wealth through devious means.


The Ghemsa University trained Sekuru Banda is a humble man despite an array of achievements on his sleeve.


“To the majority of us, Sekuru Banda is famous for treating various ailments like cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis and other non-communicable diseases as well as helping in uniting many broken families by promoting faithfulness. That’s as far as we know but not much about his private life,” said Gerald Makana, a Harare-based socialite.


Sekuru Banda cruises in a Range Rover Sport – one of the top brands of vehicles not accessible to many. A brand new Range Rover Sport costs about US$170 000 and to many, it’s a surprise to see Sekuru Banda traversing the streets of Harare in such a beast.


Spiked Online Media caught up with Sekuru Banda to understand how a mere traditional healer owns such a top-of-the-range vehicle.


“Muzukuru, a car is just a means of transport. I did not feel any pain when I bought this vehicle. Many do not know that I run a number of businesses apart from my job as a traditional healer,” Sekuru Banda said.


The man, who is a darling to many people because he helps them out of their problems, revealed that he has interests spanning mining, farming and is a shareholder of many blue chip companies outside Zimbabwe.


“As our profile has grown, we have found it necessary to employ some bodyguards who protect us not because we fear anyone, but so that we won’t be mobbed by our legion of fans,” Sekuru Banda said.


The Spiked Online Media crew was shocked when it drove to one of Sekuru Banda’s properties in one of the leafy suburbs in Harare that is home to the who is who in Zimbabwe.

An aerial view of Sekuru Banda’s mansion in Glen Lorne


The house that greeted us was a sprawling mansion built on top of a hill. It is a massive 39-bedroomed, two-storey house that has a helipad on top. The house competes fairly well with that owned by property mogul Phillip Chiyangwa and the one owned by former local government minister, Saviour Kasukuwere.


When contacted about the house by Spiked Online Media, Richard Tawira, the main building contractor estimated the value of the house to something ranging between US$10 million and US$15 million at current rates.


“What brings the prices to that range is the fact that we imported some of the materials like aluminium, marble, and other decorations from countries like South Africa, Spain and China. There was also some excavation work done on the hill and hundreds of thousands of dollars were chewed up,” Tawira said.


Despite all this wealth, Sekuru Banda remains a humble man who is ready to assist fellow countrymen and foreigners alike to live good lives free from disturbances by evil spirits and men.


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